Player ID

What is a player ID?
A player ID is used to help keep track of a player’s tournament records and results. This is particularly important for those who wish to play competitively and climb the Australian National Rankings.

Do I have a player ID?
Any player who has previously played in an ACT tournament will have a player ID. This player ID will or should be linked to your Tournament Software account. To find your player ID, you can search for your name on Tournament Software.

If it is your first time playing in a tournament and you do not have a player ID, you can enter without one by entering your 3 letter State code (i.e: ACT, NSW, VIC etc) followed by your initials and we will assign you one after the tournament.

If I have a player ID, does that make me a member of ACTBA?
No, a player ID is for the purpose of keeping track of a player’s tournaments. To be a member of the ACTBA, you must be a member of one of its affiliated clubs.