Azure Dragon Badminton Club (ADBC)

The Club will foster the growth, training and development for all its members, particularly those at the beginner and intermediate level, with a focus on inclusiveness.
Tuesday, 8.00pm -10.00pm, Gungahlin College Sports Hall, Gungahlin [Google Maps]
Saturday, 1.30pm – 3.30pm, Gungahlin College Sports Hall, Gungahlin

At the Azure Dragon Badminton Club (ADBC) new players are welcome. Some basic free top notch coaching is provided to beginners to get you started in your badminton journey quickly, no members will be left behind!
Social doubles and mixed doubles – social singles needs prior consent of the coaches, especially during a session with full attendance.

Membership fee, July to December 2023: 

       Tuesday : $40

       Saturday: $35

Session Fees: 

Members: beginners – $10,  and intermediate/advanced – $15.
Visitors: $20.

For more up to date club info, see our Facebook page: Azure Dragon Badminton Club