March update from ACTBA Committee

Hi everyone,

The New Year has commenced with a flurry of activity and the Committee has already met twice on 3 February and again 3 March 2019 and discussed a number of initiatives for implementation. However, like all good ideas we need your feedback (through your Badminton Club in the first instance) to ensure we manage the expectations of all stakeholders. To do this we are undertaking a survey in March to understand the needs of our members and how ACTBA can support our affiliated clubs appropriately.

The Committee has made a number of administrative decisions to transition fully to the new committee and how it operates. We are reviewing and developing a new business plan that will underpin how ACTBA will enhance the participation and promotion of badminton in the ACT.

Some of the key items discussed at the meetings included:

  • The intention of the committee to start some preliminary enquiries and research on how feasible a new fit for purpose badminton facility would be in Canberra (this will require a longer term strategy and plan).
  • Reviewing how ACTBA can encourage participation in carnivals and tournaments by providing financial support for teams and players
  • 2019 Tournaments including confirmation that the ACT Open will be held on 25-26 May(further details of future events will be available on the website)
  • Establishment of a tournament sub-committee to build capability in running tournaments and sharing the workload, including support for referee training and coaching.
  • The possibility of an annual formal dinner & awards presentation night
  • Exploring interstate challenges between ACT and other States (including Inter-Club)
  • Supporting affiliated clubs with running social competitions (to promote participation and inclusivity for all members)
  • Negotiating a shuttle supply arrangement(s) on behalf of interested affiliated clubs to receive better discounts than if clubs sourced shuttles individually.
  • Agreeing to purchase the Revolutionise software licences (platform to register membership) for ALL affiliated ACTBA clubs. A meeting is scheduled with Club Representatives for 17 March to explain how to use the software.

As you can see the committee is excited and focused on bringing some new ideas and initiatives to fruition. Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to speak to many members and clubs on how ACTBA can provide the infrastructure and channels that add value to the ACT badminton community.

I also met with the President of NSWBA, Carolyn Toh in late February and we discussed how we could work more closely and support greater participation in tournaments, coaching and training opportunities between ACT and NSW.

I will provide further updates on behalf of the committee as we progress these initiatives and encourage you to contact me if you would like to be involved. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact me on .


Vikram Varma
President – ACTBA