2016 Li-Ning Ede Clendinnen Shield

Several ACT players combined with players from NSW and NT took part in the 2016 Ede Clendinnen Shield to form “The Territories” Team.
1st Victoria Smashers
2nd South Australia
3rd New South Wales
4th Queensland
5th Victoria Strikers
6th The Territories
7th Tasmania

Congratulations to The Territories team, finished at position 6 of the final standings.

For more details of the draws and results, click here

2016 Oceania Men’s and Women’s Team Championships

Congratulations to the Australian Women’s Team, winning the Championships, beating New Zealand 4-1 in the Final.

However, the Australian Men’s Team was not so lucky, losing to New Zealand 1-4 in the Final.

Better luck next time!

1 4 5 6