2021 Badminton ACT (BACT) Annual General Meeting, 4 December 2021

The 2021 AGM preceded the inaugural Annual Gala Dinner & Awards Night at the Hellenic Club on 4 December 2021.  The key items being the revised Constitutions and 2021-24 Strategic Plan were approved at the meeting.  The Executive Committee of 2020 largely remained in place, other than Sheehan Lim taking on the role of Secretary and Brideen Allen as Match Secretary.  The meeting Agenda and associated papers can be found at:


The 2022 Calendar of Events can be found at:

Calendar 2022 – ACT Badminton Association (badmintonact.org.au)

Please contact the BACT President, Olaf Schuermann, for any matters regarding the 2021 AGM.