2019 ACT Open

Entry for the 2019 ACT Open is now open. To enter visit Tournament Software. The tournament will be held on Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th May 2019. Open, B and C grade singles and doubles will be held on Saturday, mixed doubles and D grade will be held on Sunday.

Upcoming Events

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Club Notices

  • Belconnen Badminton Club

    We will inform players the period when the Gym Floor to be resurfaced soon.
  • Gungahlin Badminton Club

    Membership of the Gungahlin Badminton Club for 2019 is now suspended given significant demand by new players. Non-members may not be admitted to any of the three sessions, depending on the number of members attending; this will be up to the discretion of the GBC Committee member running that session at the time.

    The Tuesday session at Gungahlin College will NOT be held on the following dates (due to the College using the gym for other activities):

    30 July
    20 August
    19 November
  • Southside Badminton Club

    Updated 3 April 2019 – Non-members who wish to play at Southside Club may not be admitted depending on the number of people attending each session; this will be at the sole discretion of the Club Committee member(s) running each individual session.
  • University of Canberra Badminton Club

    The gym will not be available for badminton on the following dates:

    15th - 26th July: Annual Courts Resurfacing
    4th - 16th November: 2nd Semester Exams