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ACT Badminton Association (ACTBA) 2020 ACT Election Policy Submission

The ACTBA has prepared a policy submission ahead of the 2020 ACT Election in October.  Reflecting the substantial increased demand to play badminton in the ACT and a severe lack of available and suitable facilities, the ACTBA recommends that the ACT Government and the Liberal Party Opposition jointly commit to the: co-funding of the order of $500,000 with a private sector investor the development of the ACT’s first dedicated badminton facility. The policy submission can be found here. For further information please contact the ACTBA President, Olaf Schuermann (Email:, Ph: 0400472711).

Under 13 ACT Team
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Under 13 National Carnival Report 2020

To ACT Technical Officials / ACTBA committee, Western Suburbs BA once again hosted the U13 National carnival, comprising of the Interstate Series, the Regional Boys Challenge and the Regional Teams Challenge.  The carnival was held over 3 days (17-19 Jan) at the Altona Badminton Centre, VIC. ACT entered a team to compete in the Regional Teams Challenge with 4 local players (Charith, Gordon, Fahim and Victoria), supplemented by 2 girls from the Infinity BC (VIC). Team officials were Xing Huong (Coach), Gerald Lin (Manager) and Valouny Souksavat (Umpire). There were 9 teams entered in the Regional Teams Challenge with ACT placing 6th overall. Although ACT players were beginners with no prior exposure to a team competition format, they did learn the rigour of team competition and gained valuable experience.

Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest – 2020 Australian National (Under 17 Championships)

The ACTBA is seeking expressions of interest from ACT players, managers, coaches and umpires who are interested in participating in the 2020 Australian National Under 17 Championships, incorporating the individual event and team event (the June Bevan Carnival). Players must be an ACTBA affiliated member to be eligible to play. EOI Entries Close COB Thursday Jan 30th Date: Saturday 11th April – Saturday 18th April 2020 Location: Perth, WA


ACTBA Business Plan 2019-2021

The ACTBA Business Plan 2019-2021 was prepared and endorsed by the Executive Committee following feedback by ACTBA member clubs and members.  It will guide the operations of the ACTBA in six key focus areas, including: coaching and training; participation in competitions; growth in membership; sponsorship opportunities; promoting inclusive and safe playing environments; and political support ahead of the 2020 ACT Election for a dedicated badminton facility in the ACT. 


Greetings from the 2020 ACTBA President, Olaf Schuermann

I was elected as the 2020 ACTBA President at the 2019 AGM on 8 December 2019.  Unfortunately, Vikram was unable to continue in the role due to other commitments.  I wish to thank him and his Committee for all their good work in 2019.  I am thankful that the Executive Team will continue in their roles in 2020, which will provide for the necessary continuity in implementing the 2019-20 Business Plan. In this context, I particularly note the lead Alan is taking on growing the pool of ‘Shuttle Time’ coaches in the ACT and Brideen’s lead in managing the ACT’s tournaments.  A particular focus of mine (reflecting the growth in our sport in the ACT), will be working with ACT political leaders and officials in the lead up to the 2020 ACT Election in order to secure funding for two multi-use indoor sports facilities and a commitment to co-fund a dedicated badminton facility.

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Club Notices

  • Canberra Grammar Badminton Club

    CGS Badminton 2020 now runs from 6 - 9 pm.
  • Gungahlin Badminton Club

    Due to overwhelming demand to join the club and a complete lack of available facilities to play badminton in the Gungahlin region, it has been necessary to suspend membership so soon after recommencing in the year. The reopening of membership will be considered towards the end of March 2020 and will depend on numbers attending each session. The admittance of non-members will be at the sole discretion of the Committee member managing individual sessions.

    Membership Fees for 2020
    $50/year for men
    $30/year for women and students

    No badminton at Gungahlin College on the following dates:
    Tuesday, 4 February
    Tuesday, 25 February
    Tuesday, 16 June
    Tuesday, 18 August
    Tuesday, 1 September
    Tuesday, 17 November

  • Northside Junior Badminton Club

    Club is only available during the ACT school terms.
  • Northside Badminton Club

    There is no badminton on the following days:
    Monday 9th March - Canberra Day
    Sunday 29th March – Train Expo
    Sunday 12th April – Easter Sunday
    Monday 13th April – Easter Monday
    Monday 1st June – Reconciliation Day
    Monday 8th June – Queen’s Birthday
    Monday 5th October – Labour Day
    Sunday 15th November – Model Train Expo
  • Southside Badminton Club

    Updated 3 April 2019 – Non-members who wish to play at Southside Club may not be admitted depending on the number of people attending each session; this will be at the sole discretion of the Club Committee member(s) running each individual session.
  • University of Canberra Badminton Club

    UC Badminton Club is closed and will not be re-opening in 2020 and beyond.

    If you are a UC student and are passionate about badminton or interested in running the badminton club sessions at University of Canberra, please contact us.

  • Veterans Badminton Association

    Starting session for 2020 is on Tuesday, 21st January 2020.